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Shorter lines, happier fans, and repeat purchases.

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Faster Checkout

Mashgin speeds concession transactions as much as 4x, helping fans get back to the action and enjoy the game.


More Revenue

Shorter lines encourage fans to purchase (and repeat purchase) over the course of a game. It's an instant boost to any game day.

A Better Fan Experience

Demonstrably faster, Mashgin helps fans get from seat to concessions and back again in record time.

Focus Staff on Serving Fans

A single attendant can manage many Mashgin kiosks at one time. This frees up staff to restock, prep food, or offer additional in-stand concessions.

Stands with Mashgin see more transactions per game. Empower Field saw a 34% boost in revenue when they brought in Mashgin kiosks.

Mashgin Keeps Fans
in the Game

With Mashgin self-checkout, transactions are lightning fast – with BMO Stadium seeing median transaction times of under 13 seconds.

For sports fans who don't want to miss a moment of the game, this means they can grab the concessions they want without missing a beat of gameplay. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to more time enjoying the action.

Ensuring Fan Safety with Touchless Checkout

Fast checkout doesn’t come at the cost of safety. Keep guests (and your team) healthier with a totally touchless checkout experience. Plus, with faster transaction times, Mashgin reduces wait times and minimizes crowding around concession stands.

iPhone with the Mashgin + BMO Stadium case study on the screen.

BMO Stadium
+ Mashgin Case Study

BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, home to Major League Soccer's LAFC team, implemented Mashgin's self-checkout kiosks to increase concession sales and reduce wait times. With a median transaction time of under 13 seconds, the stadium saw a 25% increase in revenue without cannibalizing sales from other stands.

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