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Faster Checkout

Mashgin checkout is 400% faster than traditional POS, dramatically shortening lines at peak hours.


More Revenue

Shorter lines means greater diner participation rates, boosting revenue as much as 20%.



Mashgin not only reduces the risk of spreading germs, but also helps to reduce crowding in dining areas.

Drive Down Lines,
Drive Up Revenue

Mashgin self-checkout is a powerful differentiator
that wows diners and stakeholders.

Shorter Lines, More Productive Workers

Mashgin shortens lunch line wait times, enabling employees to still have a break that recharges them for the rest of the day. And Mashgin's technology computer-vision-based item recognition decreases the potential for purchasing errors.

Get More Out of Your Team

Mashgin frees up most of your staff to work on higher-value tasks like restocking, food prep, and helping customers. With Mashgin, you can say goodbye to long lines and unproductive cashiers. Instead, you'll be able to provide your customers with a fast and hassle-free dining experience.

Keep Diners and Staff Safe

Mashgin lets diners checkout faster than ever while practicing social distancing. The only thing they touch is their own food. And Mashgin is completely contactless, so there is no need to exchange cash or credit cards.

Mashgin is fast, efficient, and secure: perfect for busy dining establisments who want to keep their customers and staff safe.

Candler Hospital
+ Mashgin Case Study

Candler Hospital's 24-hour market saw a remarkable 110% boost in sales and under 11-second transaction times with the installation of Mashgin self-checkout. The implementation not only exceeded revenue expectations, it also made it easier for hospital staff grab a quick meal at any hour of the day.

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Candler Hospital + Mashgin case study on a phone screen