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Faster Checkout

Near-instant checkout eliminates lines, reduces wait times, and allevates stress for both patients and staff.



Touch-free Mashgin not only minimizes germ transmission but also helps alleviate congestion in dining spaces.


More Revenue

Reduced lines lead to higher diner participation, increasing revenue by up to 34%.

Two folks checking out with Mashgin in a hospital.

Mashgin Slashes Wait Times

Guests can save time by ordering ahead with our mobile ordering platform. And with in-person checkout times under 15 seconds, that means no more lines, reduced congestion, and much less stress for both patients and staff.

Maximize Staff Break

Mashgin's integrations with employee badge payment methods make checkout as easy and smooth as it is quick. Now, staff can fully enjoy their breaks and return to work feeling refreshed and reenergized.

A ridiculously photogenic man checking out with Mashgin Byte
Two folks checking out with Mashgin in a hospital.

Redirect Valuable Resources

Free up your staff from the checkout counter, enabling them to concentrate on their priority—delivering exceptional service.

24/7 Food Access with Mashgin

Mashgin AI self-checkout systems enable healthcare centers to offer 24/7 access to food, ensuring that both patients and staff have access to healthy meal options at any time of day or night.

This round-the-clock availability not only meets essential dietary needs but also significantly enhances overall satisfaction within the hospital environment.

Candler Hospital + Mashgin case study on a phone screen

Candler Hospital
+ Mashgin Case Study

The installation of Mashgin self-checkout at Candler Hospital's 24-hour market led to an impressive 110% increase in sales and transaction times of under 11 seconds. This implementation not only surpassed revenue projections but also simplified the process for hospital staff to quickly grab meals at any time of the day.

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