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Faster Checkout

Mashgin checkout is up to 400% faster than other self-checkout solutions, dramatically shortening lines at peak hours.


More Smiles

Over 70% of customers surveyed prefer Mashgin - increasing returning customer numbers and boosting your business.

Out "Wow" the Competition

Win more returning customers who will be sure to say “wow” when they check out.

Instant, Frictionless Checkout

We allow customers to check out quickly and efficiently - no more waiting in long lines; just place, pay, and they’re done! These benefits are especially noticeable in grab-and-go small markets found in airports, campuses, and sports venues where time is of the essence.

So long, lines! Hello, revenue.

Mashgin can cut transaction times in half and drastically reduce lines at peak hours. That means shorter lines for customers so that there's less customer idle time during peak business hours - allowing stores to make more revenue than ever before.

Double Cashier Productivity

Mashgin makes most transactions instant, letting staff focus on other tasks such as assisting with age-restricted items, restocking shelves, or just keeping the store spick-and-span.

With Mashgin’s computer vision tech, cashiers can even manage multiple kiosks at once - freeing up their workload dramatically!