Instant checkout is the ultimate convenience.

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Less Lines. More Revenue.

Shorter lines mean happier customers, and more customers entering your store.


Faster Checkout

Shorter lines mean happier customers, and cars taking less time to fill up at the pump.


More Sales

Half of customers will leave if lines stretch longer than 3 people. Mashgin means no lines.


Store Efficiency

Mashgin frees staff to focus on assisting customers, restocking, and keeping the store clean.

Market-Tested. Market-Ready.

Mashgin is coming to over 7,000 convenience store locations.

Cuts Lines in Half

Mashgin is fast, efficient, and convenient for both customers and store employees. It also helps you increase sales and profits by reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

If you're looking for a way to improve your convenience store's operations, Mashgin is the way to go.

New Products? Not a Problem.

Thanks to powerful edge computing, each Mashgin kiosk is capable of scanning in new product before it gets placed on shelves.

It’s so easy, store clerks can add new product to Mashgin’s comprehensive database in 30 seconds.

It's a Gas

Mashgin allows customers to pay for gas right at checkout, even if they’re paying with cash. No more waiting in long lines to pay for gas, and no more fumbling around for wallet or purses.

Delek US
+ Mashgin Case Study

Delek US, a leading gasoline station and convenience store chain, was looking for a way to reduce checkout friction while also increasing transaction speed. Their solution? Advanced self-checkout technology with Mashgin kiosks.

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Candler Hospital + Mashgin case study on a phone screen