Convenience Stores & MicroMarkets

Instant, touchless checkout is the ultimate convenience.

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Less Lines, More Revenue

Cut transaction times in half, dramatically shortening lines at peak hours. Shorter lines means happier customers, more customers entering your store, and that each car spends less time taking up a pump.

Double Cashier Productivity

Mashgin makes most transactions instant, letting staff focus on assisting with age restricted items, restocking, and keeping the store clean. Most cashiers can manage 2 - 4 Mashgin kiosks at once.

Keep Customers and Staff Safe

Mashgin’s Touchless Checkout System lets customers maintain a safe social distance and checkout without touching anything but the items they buy.

Out-Innovate Your Competition

Win more returning customers with a faster, friendlier customer experience and checkout that makes customers say “wow.” Over 70% of customers surveyed prefer Mashgin to traditional checkout.

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