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With transaction times under 10 seconds, move lines faster than ever.


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Shorter lines mean more revenue.



Everything's coming up Mashgin, from the corner gas station to every corner of your local stadium.

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How Mashgin Works

Insanely Powerful Item Recognition

We've invented algorithms that combine 3D vision with AI to isolate each item in the scene and use its shape, size, color, texture and specular reflection from multiple angles to accurately identify the item.

Algorithms That Keep Getting Better

Our AI algorithms continuously train on new data so they keep getting better as they are used. With over 500+ Million live transactions to learn from we're way ahead of everyone else.

Learns New Items in Seconds

Because our algorithms have already seen millions of items from every possible angle, they're extremely good at learning new items. In fact, they can do so in a matter of seconds.

Mashgin Makes Headlines

"Mashgin Hits $1.5 Billion Valuation With AI-Powered Self-Checkout System."
"The self-checkout system delivers a multitude of benefits, including 34% more revenue generated and higher customer satisfaction."
"This technology has reduced checkout times by 67 percent and resulted in an exceptionally high customer adoption rate for the retailer."
"Fans ... checked out in an average time of 12.5 seconds while revenue at the six stands using Mashgin increased by 125%."