Frequently Asked Questions

Discover what sets Mashgin apart.

How does Mashgin work?

Mashgin uses computer vision and machine learning to instantly identify items placed on its checkout tray. There’s no need to look for and scan barcodes: customers simply place their items on Mashgin’s tray, pay, and can be on their way in as little as 10 seconds.

To see Mashgin being used, check out our video gallery here.

What is Mashgin?

Mashgin is the world's fastest self-checkout system powered by AI and computer vision. Mashgin’s Touchless Checkout System eliminates consumer frustration while increasing revenue for retailers with four times faster checkout than cashiers and traditional points-of-sale.

What types of locations use Mashgin?

Mashgin is used in convenience stores, corporate cafeterias, stadiums, hospitals, and airports. Mashgin has processed over 350 million transactions and has deployments in over 3,500 locations that span major convenience store chains, Fortune 500 companies and 100+ iconic sports stadiums including the Denver Broncos, LAFC, Kansas City Chiefs and Madison Square Garden.

How accurate is Mashgin?

By using multiple cameras to build a three-dimensional understanding of items, Mashgin identifies food and goods with 99.9% accuracy and rings them up all at once.

How should I pronounce "Mashgin?"

Mashgin is pronounced "mash" like in mashed potatoes and then "jin" like in ginger ale.

What benefits does Mashgin have to offer?

Visual checkout makes it faster for customers and easier for operators. The benefits are:

  • Identify non-packaged items, like produce or prepared food, without applying a label.
  • Recognize multiple items at once.
  • Easier for customer to “scan”: no need to find where the barcode is.
  • Ability to use countless other label ID methods, from extremely reliable DotCodes to color-distinguishing modifiers.
  • Infinitely adaptable to future identification methods, no hardware updates required.

Business across the world have benefitted from Mashgin. See our set of case studies here.

What does Mashgin cost?

Mashgin Kiosks are sold as a service rather than a hardware purchase. Here's what's included in that service for every kiosk:

  • Mashgin Kiosk with all necessary peripherals
  • Mashgin proprietary computer vision software
  • Cloud hosting and administration
  • Ongoing software updates and upgrades
  • Menu assessment
  • Management training
  • System monitoring and support
  • Reporting and basic data API integration

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What space and technical requirements do I need in order to have Mashgin at my location?

You just need power outlets and an ethernet network connection to have a Mashgin kiosk fully operational at your location. Mashgin recommends a countertop footprint of 50” x 30” for each kiosk for maximum efficiency.

How does Mashgin recognize items without barcodes or RFID?

We use cameras to see items and computer vision to identify them. Barcodes are currently the most widely used item ID method. Barcode scanning is also a form of visual identification, but only enough to recognize the unique black-and-white bar pattern and output the associated 11-digit code. By using everyday cameras, it’s possible to read all the visual information an item already contains like the colors, shapes, sizes, and other features. This is more than enough to uniquely identify an item—the same way people do.

How does Mashgin increase revenue?

Mashgin estimates as much as a 400% increase in sales compared to traditional checkout options. The degree of increase varies depending on location and circumstances. For example, corporate cafeterias typically see a 20% increase, while the Denver Broncos saw a 96% faster customer throughput and saw total number of transactions per game increase by 34% at locations with Mashgin installed.

How does Mashgin improve the customer experience?

Transactions on Mashgin are as much as 400% faster than a typical cashier, resulting in shorter lines, more sales, and thus much happier customers.