Mobile Ordering

Contactless Mobile Ordering system that can fit seamlessly into any cafe.

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Better Customer Experience.
Better Bottom Line.

Keep Customers Safe

Give customers the ability to set up contactless pickup or delivery. Stagger pickup and delivery times to reduce incidence of large groups, all while complying with social distancing guidelines.‍

Order For Later

Let customers order meals in advance. Print tickets for kitchen staff when it’s time to start cooking each order. Keep diners up to date on their order status.

Throttle Kitchen Demand

Manage the maximum number of active orders per station to keep them working efficiently. Set customer expectations for their pickup and delivery times based on known demand.

Keep Your KDS

Zero operational interference for the back of the house. Quickly add fully mobile ordering without interrupting your current workflow.

Multi-Station Printer Routing

Send orders that span multiple stations to each appropriate printer. Every ticket can include all order details by station to make it easier to recombine for pickup.

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