Mashgin Touchless Checkout System

The world's fastest self-checkout powered by AI.

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Better customer experience.
Better bottom line.

Shorter lines mean happier customers and more customers entering your store.


Faster Checkout

What if there was a way to make the checkout process faster and more efficient? That's Mashgin.


Increased Revenue

Mashgin checkout is designed to eliminate speed bumps, boosting revenues 20 to 400%.

400% Faster than
Traditional POS

Mashgin’s powerful system can identify multiple items in under a second, so your customers can scan, pay, and be on their way. In addition, our highly accurate technology can help to reduce checkout errors and scanning mistakes, saving both your business and customers time and money.

Effortless Customer Checkout

Imagine self-checkout that's completely touchless: no barcode scanning, no bagging, no touching anything but the stuff you want to purchase. That's Mashgin touchless checkout, and it's the future of self-checkout.

Simply place items on the tray and pay!

No Barcodes Required

Mashgin's Touchless Checkout System uses computer vision to recognize objects the same way your eyes do. It can instantly identify packaged goods, produce, and open plates from any angle. You don't need to scan barcodes or weigh items - just place them down and Mashgin's AI will do the rest.

Mashgin's proprietary computer vision algorithms make this possible, detecting and identifying objects with incredible accuracy. As a result, Mashgin's Touchless Checkout System can significantly speed up the checkout process, saving time and hassle for both customers and retailers.