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Provide your guests with the ultimate customer experience of speed and convenience.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies and Iconic Brands

Drive Down Lines, Drive Up Revenue

Transactions on Mashgin are 400% faster than a traditional POS, dramatically shortening lines at peak hours. Shorter lines means greater diner participation rates, increasing revenue as much as 20%.

Get More Out of Your Team

Mashgin’s Touchless Self-Checkout System frees up most of your cashiers to work on higher-value tasks like restocking, food prep, and helping customers.

Keep Diners and Staff Safe

As a completely touchless solution, Mashgin lets diners checkout faster than ever while practicing social distancing. The only thing they touch is their own food.

Win More Deals and Keep More Clients

Mashgin’s Touchless Checkout System is a powerful differentiator that “wows” diners and stakeholders. Dramatically improve customer experiences while showing that your organization is embracing the future.

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